About JJ's Turkish Barbers

JJ has been a barber from the age of 11 when he started as an apprentice in his local barber shop in Ordu.

JJ’s only break from the profession was for 15 months while he completed his national service.

He worked as a barber, in Ordu, until the age of 23 when he moved to Marmaris for six months of the year to barber for the Tourists who visited the city.

While working in Marmaris JJ started to learn the English language through talking to his English customers. In July 2007 JJ met his soon to be wife, Rachel from Carlisle. After living together in Turkey JJ moved to Carlisle with his wife as the recession hit Turkey and they both lost their jobs. He worked in a male grooming salon in Carlisle before deciding to open JJ’s Turkish Barbers in August 2010.