The Turkish Barber Experience

The majority of men in Turkey would not dream of shaving themselves every morning. Turkish men visit a barber’s every other day to have a straight edge shave which will last a couple of days. A visit to the barbers is considered a social event where men gather, have a shave and maybe a haircut, drink tea and have a chat.

Every year English tourists make the most of this tradition on their holidays to Turkey in cities such as Marmaris, Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya. The shaves in Turkey are becoming increasingly popular for male tourists as a relaxing experience and a must when they visit the country.

The Turkish shave consists of hot towels applied to soften the skin, a straight edge shave, threading, flaming, nose hair trim, moisturise, cologne and a back, neck, arm and shoulder massage. A traditional shave would include the hot towels, straight edge shave, moisturise and cologne.

A haircut from a Turkish Barber will never be rushed and will be finished to perfection. Time is taken to allow a gentlemen to relax and wind down, ending up with a fantastic haircut which is styled and finished to the customer’s request.

This Turkish tradition has now come to Carlisle in the form of JJ’s Turkish Barbers, we hope you come and visit us to relax in the Turkish experience.